Sierra Valley offers a number of finance options that can be tailored to fit your specific needs!

Leasing through Fundient Capital  

It’s similar to leasing your cell phone, but even better!  With leasing your cell phone, you make a monthly lease payment but you need to purchase additional insurance to cover the cost or repairs or to replace your phone if it is lost.  However, with HVAC leasing, you never pay for anything more than your low monthly payment.  Yearly maintenance, breakdowns and repairs are all covered!  If you are still living in your home at the end of the systems life you keep making the lease payment and get another new system!

Call for details.

Synchrony finance

Synchrony Finance is a consumer finance lender and offers interest rate buy downs, same as cash options.  This option gives you a credit line that can be used over and over again as needed.

Also, with the advances in technology in today’s high efficiency HVAC equipment, some repairs might be high costs compared to older simpler machines.  If you find yourself in need of an expensive repair on your existing system, you have the ability to use financing to soften the blow.  There are low minimum amounts required for Synchrony financing, and it can be used for repairs as well as full system replacements.

Synchrony is out only lender that offers 0% interest financing on both repairs and replacements! Call today to see if you qualify!

Visit Synchrony Finance Website

Sacramento municiple utilities district

SMUD also has great rebates and financing if your home or business is located in their service area. SMUD offers homeowners and business owners a very straightforward finance program with minimal fees.  You can visit SMUDs website to get prequalified! SMUD will no longer be offering their financing after November 1, 2021.

Residential energy efficiency financingBusiness financing

As an alternative to any of the above, we also have a low-cost credit union finance program through Salal Credit union.


Property Assessed Clean Energy

PACE is a National program to help home owners upgrade their homes and save energy for every body in the process.  PACE programs allow local governments, state governments, or other inter-jurisdictional authorities, when authorized by state law, to fund the up-front cost of energy improvements on commercial and residential properties, which are paid back over time by the property owners.

Mom & daughter enjoying home comfort


PACE can pay for 100% of a project’s cost and is repaid up to 25 years with an assessment added to the property’s tax bill. PACE can pay for a new Heating and Cooling system, lighting improvement, solar panels, water pumps, and insulation. You can pay it off over a period of 5-25 years depending on the amount borrowed and rate of repayment you choose. You can start with NO MONEY DOWN! AND 100% FINANCING.

A PACE assessment is a debt of property, meaning the debt is tied to the property as opposed to the property owner(s), so the repayment obligation may transfer with property ownership depending upon state legislation. This eliminates a key disincentive to investing in energy improvements, since many property owners are hesitant to make any property improvements if they think they may not stay in their property long enough for the resulting savings to cover the upfront costs.

We work with a few PACE Programs: HERO, Ygrene and Empower. Give us a call and we can answer all of your financing questions and help you pick the most qualified PACE provider.

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